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With the monitoring console, you can check your OnCloud Server’s availability and connectivity, allowing to verify the thresholds set for resources.

Why it's convenient:

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    Allows OnCloud Server real time showing.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Helps maintain control over resources (VCPU’s, Ram Memory and SSD)
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    Monitors service availability.
monitoring oncloud

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What we can do for you

  • Website Performance Monitoring

    Monitor all your websites performance and receive an alert if there is downtime. Improves the final user experience, optimizing response time and solving any website problems. Capture key statistics and receive Site24x7 reports.

  • Services Monitoring

    Queries availability and monitors the optimal performance of critical services, maintaining control over HTTP(S), FTP(S), DNS, PING, TCP, SSL, SMTP, POP, etc.

  • Servers Monitoring

    Reduce maintenance costs and expenses by keeping key server indicators such as CPU, disks, memory, processes, services and network usage of Windows servers monitored.

  • SSL Certificates Monitoring

    Prevent the SSL certificate from expiring and keep your clients trust when browsing your website, setting alerts that will notify if there is any inconvenience.

  • Cloud Monitoring

    Maximizes the performance of critical applications and services hosted on Amazon platforms. Get real-time information on both resources and applications running on EC2 and RDS instances.

  • VMware Monitoring

    Manages the operation of the VMware infrastructure, maintaining control of virtual resources and receiving updated reports, graphics, alarms and maximum ESX server uptime. With vCenter servers you will get Site24x7 monitoring.

  • DNS Servers Monitoring

    With Site24x7 you can ensure that DNS lookups are working and that the server is correctly resolving domain names. Monitor response time and DNS searches in real time.

  • Application Performance Monitoring

    Optimize all Java, NET and Ruby on Rails web transactions and deepens any faulty code to detect Cloud faults, even before they happen.

  • Internal Web and Private Cloud Monitoring

    Monitor intranet portals, ERP systems, payroll applications, network device ping, application servers and database servers for optimal performance. On-Premise Poller will help you control internal resources and send performance and uptime information to Site24x7, using a Cloud-friendly architecture.

  • Exchange Servers Monitoring

    With Exchange, you monitor and optimize end-to-end performance, mailbox performance, hub transport, client access, unified messaging and perimeter roles.

  • RTT FTP Monitoring

    Optimizes time and improves response performance for uploading and downloading important files via FTP server.

  • Web Application Monitoring

    Improve final user experience by monitoring performance of e-commerce and/or banking applications in more than 50 worldwide locations. With Site24x7 receive reports to optimize response time in your clients’ purchase operations.

  • Web Page Analyzer

    Automatically analyze website’ loading speed and track HTML components (JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.). Optimize server performance by running all major domains and subdomains.

  • Email Servers Monitoring

    With Site24x7 you can carry out a complete verification of the loading time on email servers, ensuring optimum performance. Execute faster operations with both outgoing SMTP and incoming POP/IMAP.

Our data analysis helps you stay calm and impulses your business productivity.



We manage high levels of data transfer security.


All our servers include Windows Server or Linux operating system license to ensure performance.


Access your information from any device anywhere in the world.