Transparent service level policy

At OnCloud we are transparent. We know that providing accurate and timely information allows businesses to grow and take action on any eventuality or contingency that may arise. That’s why we update our service level on this page every month so that you can evaluate us and give us your vote of confidence. In the Incident Log and on OnCloud’s Twitter (@oncloudmx) we will publish if we are experiencing any contingency.

What is SLA and how is it calculated? 

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a written contract between a service provider and its customer to set the agreed level of service quality. The SLA is a tool that helps both parties to reach a consensus in terms of the level of service quality.

In OnCloud the SLA is divided into 6 parts:

  • SLA Telcom: WAN Wide Area Network.
  • SLA Energy: Redundant electrical power.
  • SLA Communications: LAN Local Area Network.
  • SLA Servers: Virtual machine monitor.
  • SLA Hybrid Shared Storage: where all data resides.
  • SLA Shared Flash Storage: where all data resides.

Real Time SLA

The current SLA is % and is updated every hour. If everything goes correctly the level goes up but if we have a contingency it decreases.

How do we calculate our Real Time SLA?

The formula we use to calculate the SLA in Real Time is the sum of the Downtime between the minutes that have passed since August 8, 2014 to today’s date:

SLA=100-((100*(Downtime Sum))/(Elapsed minutes since August 1, 2014))

Annual SLA

How do we calculate our Annual SLA?

The formula we use to calculate the annual SLA is the sum of the downtime for each year divided by the number of minutes elapsed in each year:

SLA=100-((100*(Downtime sum per year))/(Minutes per year))

Monthly SLA

How do we calculate our Monthly SLA?

We use the same formula as in the Annual SLA only we group it by month:

SLA=100-((100*(Sum(Downtime per month))/(Minutes per month))

OnCloud’s Commitment Service Level

Event Log

What happens if we fail in providing the service?

At OnCloud we strive every day to exceed our commitment of 99.828% (13.87 hours of failures per year) but if this is not met we will offer our customers a 5% discount on their monthly billing. For more information about this guarantee, please review your OnCloud contract with your account executive or email us at