Cloud backup in minutes, retrieve in seconds.

With Fast Recovery, you will get double protection for your company’s information: one backup is stored in your location and the other in our Cloud. If something happens, you can easily restore your data.

fast recovery on premise

Why it's convenient:

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    Specially intended for companies with VmWare or Hyper-V virtual environments.
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    It can hold 20 TB of backed information or up to 110 backed objects.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Compression and deduplication integrated.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Connection and bandwidth included.
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    Pay only for the backed TBs once compressed and duplicated.

Protect all your information in minutes with a virtual Cloud backup.

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We manage high levels of data transfer security.


All our servers include Windows Server or Linux operating system license to ensure performance.


Access your information from any device anywhere in the world.