Whats it’s Cloud Backup?

Store copies of data with a backup service

With Cloud Backup Powered by Acronis  you’ll be able to protect all the data in your business and schedule the perfect time to store the information, so your daily activities won’t be affected. We create copies of data and then we keep it complety safe in different cloud ubications (don’t worry, anyone besides your team could get access).
Make security a priority.
Backup= Safe + Save
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What exactly is?

It’s a model of data in which the storage relies on a remote cloud server. This is important, because no matter what happens (accidents) you could restore the complete data in all your devices.

We offer you a complete and safe solution for your information.

  • Dedicated servers
  • Virtual machines
  • Critical apps for business
  • PC, laptops and smartphones


  • Security for the business in just one click.

Make backups of the data in all your devices and applications. Any software of hardware can be easily backep up, without compatibility problems.

  • Wherever you need, whenever you want it.

Management console that allows you to download your data in any device. Get access to your information whenever you need it.

  • Cloud Backup: real time protection.

Thanks to the cloud technology, you set the schedules and the frecuency of the backup. From once in a mont to every 10 minutes, you choose.

  • An antivirus with artificial intelligence guards your data.

Your backups will be safe and far away from virus that tries to steal your information or ransomware that kidnaps the devices.

  • You don’t have to be a engineer to use it.

With our “easy to use and program” management console, you don’t have to know a lot of cloud computing. All the settings are in the same place.

  • Backup all you need.

Make a backup of an entire server to a simple document, without any problem.

What else?

  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Platform with unlimited backup agents.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Active Protection Plan.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Montly charge only for the space you need.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Actualizations included
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    AES-256 encryption
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Management console easy to use
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Personalized settings.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    You won’t need a third party to access your own data.

Protection against disasters or human accidents

No matters what happens, our cloud servers keep your data safe and if you lose something…we got an extra copy, don’t worry.

Why Cloud Backup?

  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    The backup service is a solution against disaster that every business should consider to minimize risk and save time (that implies money).
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Your information would be encrypted and guarded by an antivirus with artificial intelligence.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    Only pay for space that you use in cloud, no matter the number of devices you use in your business.
  • particula-naranja-on-cloudparticula-blanca-on-cloud
    All future actualizations are included and you don’t have to pay for it.

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We manage high levels of data transfer security.


All our servers include Windows Server or Linux operating system license to ensure performance.


Access your information from any device anywhere in the world.

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